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Life & Health- The Principal

Individual comprehensive health assessment is the foundation for all programs offered.  Awareness of the gaps in your overall wellness picture allow us to help you achieve optimum balance in your physical and general well-being.

 We are so committed to serve your very specific needs that we do not recommend any of our supplement programs without first receiving your health assessment. To that end our interactive  health analysis tool is completely free of charge.  The first step to good health is awareness and knowledge - two things you cant put a price on. 

Once the definitive first step is made- you becoming motivated and aware to affect a positive change in your life and hopefully those around you LifeBalance is here - to empower you to a greater level of health and happiness!

Whether you are reasonably fit and just trying to fine tune your health habits - or you are starting on a life changing path to good health we applaud you!   LifeBalance is here to he assist.  We want to be your primary source for the most current information in medical as well as homeopathic news, interactive fitness forums, nutrition Q&A, as well as offering a complete line of products and services designed for lifestyle enhancement and extenuation. 

We are all living longer than ever before.  How we choose to live is an individual choice.  With chronic non-communicable disease (heart disease and diabetes) at astounding record levels it seems abundantly clear that we need to evaluate closely the decisions we are making when it comes to our daily routine....

To make a change.......

One of the most difficult things to do is to change or alter a longstanding habit or lifestyle.  It is our experience that the best way to affect a lasting and permanent change is to approach things gradually.  Odds are it took you many years to achieve your current weight and level of fitness !  To dramatically alter your routine - say to incorporate a new and vigorous exercise program along with a diet -a word that we dislike and rarely use here....is almost certainly doomed to failure.  By comparison, and a far more successful approach is to incorporate one or two healthy habits at a time into your diet.  For example - if you are currently drinking several diet sodas a day (a health no-no!) cut back gradually to one.  After a few weeks of one soda a day then you reduce your intake to one every two-three days and so on....very soon you will find yourself disliking the taste of the chemicals you are imbibing and have made a very successful first step towards better health!  Exercise should be approached in the same fashion.  if you are a "couch potato" you might consider taking a walk at a comfortable pace for ten minutes or so....adding an additional 1-2 minutes per day.  You see where this is going - in a short amount of time you have begun to incorporate healthful habits in such a way that whey will become ingrained into your routine allowing for a greater success rate and expansion into other healthful habits.