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 Nutritional Supplements

The human body has remarkable abilities.  It processes and coordinates trillions of cellular functions and neuro-biochemical pathways with astounding intricacy.  Through decades of research we are now beginning to understand the myriad of interdependent functions within the body and if it is broken or sick, how it generates the ability to heal and remedy its own dysfunction.  It has  been established that for the body to create its miracles of self healing and regeneration – essential nutritional components have to be present and biologically available to accelerate natural regenerative processes and restore optimal functions when deterred by illness and age.

Life Balance Encore Nutrition

 Essential Nutrition.  The human body needs at least 51 essential nutrients daily to remain optimally healthy – 17 vitamins, 24 minerals, 8 amino acids and 2 fatty acids.  That’s a lot!  In nutrition parlance the word essential means the nutrient must be supplied by the diet because it cannot be synthesized by the body.  Even though there is a major disagreement within the medical and nutrition “world” over how much of each of these essential nutrients is required to keep the body ideally nourished to prevent disease the need is agreed upon.  Many of these nutrients are simply not available in sufficient quantities, or require improbable levels of consumption making supplementation mandatory.

Establishing a “standard requirement” for each nutrient suitable for all humans is extremely difficult because of the myriad of variables influencing the needs of each individual – there are genetic factors, lifetime eating habits, the effects of smoking, alcohol, drugs, medicines, illnesses, environmental factors, sex differences, and stress factors, - just to name a few….The nutritional needs for the individual are as different as fingerprints.  Other sights’ offer “customized supplements” but when you plug in different information the recommendations are identical!  Not very custom and not the Life Balance approach.

A question I am frequently asked is “Can we get all the essential nutrition we need from eating the right foods?”  Possibly, but not practically.  Let’s be realistic.  First most people choose the food they eat by taste, convenience and cost, not by nutritional content as documented by the burgeoning fast food industry.  Second , less that 10% of the American people eat the USDA recommended 5-9 fruits and vegetables daily and as many as 40% don’t eat fresh fruit at all.  Third, many of the farmland soils in the US are deficient in zinc, selenium and chromium – so how is it going to get into the food?  Fourth, we deprive the fruit or vegetable that is harvested early for commercial sales by as much as 25% of its nutrition by serving it before it is completely ripe.  In addition there is further nutritional loss as a result of storing food and/or improperly cooking it.  Compounding the nutritional deficiency in the average American diet is the fact that 23% of the diet is sugar which has no nutrition (in spite of all wishes to the contrary) - only calories. 

 The Vitamin/Mineral Controversy

The controversy over the need to take vitamin and mineral supplements to insure adequate nutrition seems absurd in light of these facts, especially since with rare exceptions there are no significant side effects from taking adequate doses of vitamins and minerals.  Whereas, nearly three hundred thousand Americans die each year from the toxic effects of FDA approved drugs and other therapies; no one dies from taking vitamins!  Again, the controversy is more over the amount or dose of vitamins and minerals, not the need.

 The Supplements

Target Balance offers you the finest quality of nutritional supplements available anywhere.  Target Balance uniquely tailors the nutrients to your specific needs based upon the computerized evaluation of your risk factors as developed from your LifeBalance.com  health profile.  This offers a sensible and quasi scientific basis for intelligently selecting the supplements you need to help ward off nutritionally related illnesses.  Our supplements are guaranteed to be of the highest quality – made in the United States.  Only the purest, and highest quality ingredients that are readily absorbed nutrients are in our supplements.  See the difference.  The end result of our unique manufacturing process is a visibly superior product with a longer, more stable shelf life.   

Rapid Release of Nutrients

Even the best formulated supplement does little good unless its nutrients are released in to the digestive tract in time for optimum absorption to occur.  For maximum benefit, Target Balance tablets are designed to fully disintegrate within 30 minutes or less after ingestion.  Each batch is tested for disintegration using the official U.S. Pharmacopoeia method.