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Target Balance

Target Balance is a line of supplements specifically formulated to support the detailed unique results of the LifeBalance.com health assessment.  The Daily Balance supplements in the Target Balance line are designed to meet the unique physiological support requirements on an individual basis, are packaged for ease of use and contain the freshest organic based U.S. made ingredients available today.

The Target Balance line of supplements and minerals are designed to address singular issues specifically requested by you our clientele. The formulations for the targeted support line are detailed in their respective pages in a way that is user friendly, informative and empowering.  The path to good health is one we are committed to making together with you.    

In our effort to continue to grow and expand our product line and services we will be pleased to personally respond to any specific “target” area or health concern that is not been addressed here or on our Health Assessment page.  Please feel free to email info@lifebalance.com  for a personalized recommendation to your situation.  We at LifeBalance attempt to answer all personal queries within 24-48 hours. 

We anticipate Target Balance Products will be available for purchase this spring of 2018