Life Scan

Modern technology has made Life Scan a reality, this allows everyone to go to a local corner store which offers Scanning capabilities, to reasonably monitor there vital statistics. Soon life balance will allow our customers to provide this directly on their Health Assessment summary page so that our automatic analyzer may correct any imbalances. More information to follow.

Introduction represents a unique and inventive approach to the  concept of  wellness and Life enhancement. This unique combination of computer technology, clinical and health sciences begins with our Health Assessment. The LifeBalance programs are computer driven and offer complete personalized health programs. The objective of which is to teach and empower people to live longer by maintaining existing good health, anticipating potential ill health and improving poor  health. For individuals committed to health, it’s the ideal lifelong program monitored by periodic health assessment and early detection. It is attractive because of its ease of implementation, personalization, education,  guidance and timely feedback. is  motivated  and results oriented. 

Life in Health

The focus on Life in Health is more than a series of supplement recommendations. Our life enhancement program integrates advanced clinical health science with computer technology, utilizing individualized, customized assessment, taking into consideration factors such as habits, genetic and medical history as well as psychological considerations. LifeBalance is a total and thorough approach to your uniqueness ensuring you are getting the best information and products available. presents its clients with  unique life enhancement solutions .

Products & Services

The Life Balance Encore and Target Balance line of vitamins and supplements  are  customized and specifically tailored to work in conjunction with and support the results of the health assessment program.   The Target Balance  brand is  expanding  to include a variety of health and wellness product lines including but not limited to; skincare, fitness and yoga, teas and health drinks, clothing, jewelry and accessories.  Check back frequently for our ever expanding line of products designed to enhance your overall well being.





About US originated in 1995.  Development and sale of our products has, until now been distributed privately. After careful consideration we  decided to re-launch our web site to give prospective customers the ability to receive our very specialized supplemental recommendations on line. The Health assessment initial log in and subsequent inquiry screens are now available (see link above). The LifeBalance recommendation screen is now being reprogrammed, with projections for ordering supplements packaged for daily use by next spring.


Uniqueness Health Assessment  questionnaire provides a unique informative platform for LifeBalance to create individual recommendations customized to meet your specific health requirements. Our unique evaluation system belays the trend of one size fits all recommendations offered by other companies. wants to be your partner in good health.  Unlike other supplement sellers programs really do produce different detailed results based on the information you  share with us. remains on the cutting edge of technology, education, and information.  All of which we readily make available to our clients with our medical updates page and our nutritional news.  Stay current, - stay informed– with a sight that is committed to empowering you  to make your own health and wellness choices with a partner you can trust—




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