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Web page and Data Base programming announcements, we have established this page so that our staff and vendors may keep up to date.

1. Or initial programmer Vipin was unable to continue with our assessment design as of September 2013.

2. Fortunately our programmer Jefferson working on another project here was able to replace Vipin.

3. Numerous web page links have been repaired, as well as other login issues, repair password, links on assessment October 2013

4 Repairs currently being made Investor program automatic send, Order now & check out program being launched.

5. Assessment & Recommendations will not require a log in to get results change to be made by Sept 14.

6 Assessment questionnaire being re written as well as new recommendations due November 2013

7 In 2015 as we were finally in final launch stage, servicing our rack servers all servers were corrupted  we then proceeded to rebuild the raid and found it could not be done

8 Now in 2017 we are building our program with advanced technology a sample will be available this fall