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Life & Health

Individual comprehensive health assessment is the foundation for all programs offered including our nutritional supplements to establish individual needs

We are so committed to serve your very specific needs that we do not sell any of our supplement programs without first receiving your health assessment.

To prove our sincerity to our total commitment to you , we offer our clinically based health assessment absolutely free of charge.

Knowing your health status, genetic and medical background and lifestyle patterns, we can guarantee our products and services like no other. 

We appreciate that your body and mind is a finely tuned machine and is as unique as your fingerprints and DNA.  Thatís why Life Balance is committed to providing exactly what you need- no  more, no less.   The health specialists at Life Balance recognize there is a natural resistance to change as well as many temptations that interfere with the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.  One week, ten days or even two weeks progress do not give that individual enough time to reinforce motivations.  Life Balance  through experience recognizes that any informative motivation program coupled with a lifelong support system and regular counseling is the formula for a successful life style change. Fitness nutrition and stress control programs by themselves are not the complete solution eitheróbut when put together in an integrated plan the do become the total solution - that is the principal of Life Balance.